Bill O’Reilly’s response to Mrs. Obama’s speech was unbelievably offensive. His opinion, and uninformed commentary, was about as putrid as a foul odor on the wind. (If you get my drift!) His statement that slaves were well fed, implied that they were lazy; and inferred that they needed to be taken care of.

My friend Aja Graves, the author, was very astute when she said, “Our ancestors were not slaves. They were, ENSLAVED!  Seeing that ‘slave’ is not an ethnicity, but a disposition, I would have to agree.

They were Africans that were shackled, and chained; and forcible taken from their homeland. Their families ripped apart, like a scab from an unhealed wound. Mothers from daughters! Fathers from sons!

Under the tyrannical thumb of this new European land – of the free – they were suppressed! Oppressed! Dehumanized! Marginalized! Forced into submission, by the constant beating of their captors!! They became the underbelly, of society. Even the poorest melanin deficient people were given the privilege to look down on them.

These men and women, of African descent, were denied the right to the very freedom this European country boasts about. Their voices were silenced, and they were denied the right to object to their inhumane treatment.

These men and women were denied ownership of their own bodies, let alone land. They were raped at will, and denied the right to say NO to their rapist imprisoners!

These women and men were considered nothing more than soulless blowup dolls, or apparatuses. They became the receptacles that their perverted imprisoners used to insidiously plant their seed. To further assert their authority, they raped and defiled the most powerful men, known as the “Mandingo”; in front of the women and children.

These once proud Africans were denied their God-ordained right to marry. Instead, they were forced to live in sin. They were denied the right to learn to read, because those godless Enslavers knew that knowledge was power.

In shackles and chains men, women, and children, were marched to the marketplace, on the 4th of July. Independence Day!! Irony or design? Once there, they were put on display and forced to expose their private parts, as an incentive to the buyers. They could not objection to being groped, and molested by degenerate European bidders. Before Independents Day ended they were sold like a chattel, to the highest deranged bidder.

They were forced to perform Free Labor, for the building of a Nation! A nation that refused to allow them citizenship! At the will of their coldhearted Enslavers, they became the ox, and the plow.

They were forced to live in shacks that weren’t as decent as their ruthless Enslaver’s dogs’ houses. More often than not, the rickety floors were their mattresses, their arms their pillows.

Their sustenance was the part of the slaughtered animal that the Enslavers did not want. Not the leftovers, or the scraps! The waste! The innards! That’s how chitterlings, pig feet, ears, and tails, became popular amongst African Americans. It was all the enslaved had to eat. And it was passed down from generation to generation.

It would stand to reason that, the pompous, Bill O’Reilly would have not only empathy, but sympathy for those enslaved Africans. After all, his children were taken from him, earlier this year.

The court cited that the decree was based on the children’s unyielding desire not to be in his custody. You have to ask yourself why?

Fathers are their daughters’ first loves, and their sons’ heroes. How many children do any of you know that want no part of their father? That is unless he was a bad, abusive, father.

Maybe Bill O’Reilly is as abusive as his Enslaving ancestors! A soulless dictator! Maybe it’s because he thinks himself superior! Maybe it is because he inherited that master – servant mentality! Whatever the reason, the failure was his to own.

So, here’s my advice to Bill O’Reilly. Before you open your mouth, be sure to tell the truth. Be sure you know the entire story before you spew your unsolicited, cesspool scented, less-than-truthful facts! #BillO’Reilly

EJ BROCK, author and A Proud America, of African Descent

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