THE REAL BLACK HISTORY I have attempted to write a blog on Black History for the last three years. Each blog was met with concerned objection by a few of my beta readers, and accountability partners. Apparently, like the cliché, my pen was mightier than the sword. They all agreed that what I wrote […]


For over 400 years the Egyptians and the Israelites co-existed peacefully.  Even though the Israelite had sold themselves into servitude for food, the two groups of people worked together for the good of themselves and the country.  Generation after generation, with the exception of the Levites, they married and intermingled in peace, and the country […]

Bill O’Reilly’s response to Mrs. Obama’s speech was unbelievably offensive. His opinion, and uninformed commentary, was about as putrid as a foul odor on the wind. (If you get my drift!) His statement that slaves were well fed, implied that they were lazy; and inferred that they needed to be taken care of. My friend […]

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS AND “THE CUP” All week the media has been harping on the war on Christmas.  No Christmas trees, in the mall.  No one says, “Merry Christmas” anymore.  Happy Holiday, or Seasons Greeting, is an affront to evangelical Christians.  A video has even gone viral, with an ex-evangelical pastor gripping and complaining […]

In our current political environment we keep hearing the phrase, “We are too politically correct.” This jargon portends that we have a constitutional right to freedom of speak. In fact, the first amendment of the Constitution says, “The people shall not be deprived or abridged of their right to speak…” “Politically correct” isn’t the phrase […]

September 11, 2001 From 1977 to 1984 there was a television show called “Fantasy Island”. The suave Ricardo Montalbán starred in this series, as Mr. Roarke. If you could get to his island, off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, he would grant your wildest fantasy. Hervé Villechaize played his adorable mini-me sidekick. Tattoo! Both […]

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